Wooden decorative 3D panels Mosaique ‐ Ornament
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Wooden decorative 3D panels Mosaique ‐ Ornament

Wooden decorative 3D panels Mosaique ‐ Ornament
Wooden decorative 3D panels Mosaique ‐ Ornament
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  • Model: L06
  • Weight: 9.30kg
  • Dimensions: 50.00cm x 50.00cm x 7.00cm
  • SKU: WWMOL5506

We are proud to present our newest product for decorating your wall. As the first product of our new range "Unique Wooden Walls" we present you our MOSAIQUE massive-wooden wall panels.

Both the beech wood pieces and the MDF base are 100% FSC certified.

With this new product you have the chance to give your space an individual and exclusive touch, a natural feeling which cannot be matched by any wooden imitation product.


As a natural material, wood possesses a number of properties such as: Different color shades, grey shades, knots, cracks and different grain textures. These are typical characteristics of a natural material, which makes the product individually different and cannot serve as a basis for complaints. 

Our Unique Wooden Walls products have a two-year warranty. The guarantee is applied on possible manufacturing defects, with the condition that the panels were used according to their intended purpose and following the instruction manual. The warranty won’t apply for improper handling, maintenance, storage or installation. SN Deco Group or Vamilex are not responsible for incorrect installation of the panels on the wall. Any claims addressed after mounting the products won’t be accepted.

Installation types: 

Depending on the substrate, MOSAIQUE wooden panels from SN Deco Group & Vamilex can be installed in 3 different ways:

1.)  Attach the panel to the wall using a fitting mounting adhesive (Fig. A), by applying it also as shown in Fig A. Choose the right adhesive according to it’s manufacturer’s instructions. 

2.) Fix the panel to the wall by drilling holes and using the right dowels and screws (according to the wall type) – also to align the screw heads with the panel surface (Fig. B).

3.) Fit the panel to a frame of wooden strips using countersunk bolts (Fig. C).


Our collections of wooden panels and wooden wall decorative elements form our Unique Wooden Walls. They are a natural product which is influenced by the climate in the room of installment. Therefore, we recommend to store them first for 1 to 2 days in the room, where you intend to install them.

Because they are made of natural wood, they are suitable only for low humid and interior areas. They should be used for their intended purpose as interior wall decorations. Exposing them to direct sunlight can cause discoloration overt time. While installing and handling be careful for splinters.

Installation around open flame places is not recommended.

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