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Grosgrain Ribbon

Smocktape transparent 11401-50
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The curtain rod is a non-extensible ribbon, made of reinforced textile material (more resistant), very tight, and in this case it is matt white or organza (polyester / nylon) and in this case it is transparent. 156/5000 Regardless of the chosen model, the curtain rail has the role of supporting, gri..
1.65 Lei 3.48 Lei
Ex Tax:1.39 Lei
Transparent curtain tape 20550/100
Hot -17 %
Rejansa transparenta 20550/100 - recomandata si pentru perdele sau draperii croite cu inele tip capsa.Pretul este exprimat per metru liniar...
6.00 Lei 7.20 Lei
Ex Tax:5.04 Lei
Universal curtain tape BBC
The universal curtain tape BBC is very suitable for attaching curtains and drapes...
1.26 Lei
Ex Tax:1.06 Lei
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