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Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

1.1. For the purpose of this document, the following terms used in capital letters will have, if the context does not require otherwise, the meanings specified below:

SITE: represents the Internet SITE belonging to SNDECO, which is through which the USER has access to information related to services and products offered / provided by SNDECO.

SNDECO: represents the company SIEBENBURGISCHES NUGAT S.R.L., with head office in Seica Mica, Str. Principala, F.N, Sibiu County, registered at the Sibiu Register of Companies under no. J32 / 899/1991 and VAT Code 4150043, fiscal attribute RO.

USER: represents the person who accesses the SITE, for private or professional purposes and who has accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this SITE, fulfilling in this respect all the requirements of the registration process;

ABUSE: represents the use of the SITE in a manner contrary to the practice in the field, the regulations and legislation in force or in any other way that may cause damage to SNDECO.

2. Contents of the website

2.1. The information published on the SITE is information of general interest about SNDECO, the products sold by it, its partners as well as other information considered by SNDECO to be of interest to USERS.

2.2. The information is usually made available to USERS free of charge. SNDECO reserves the right to implement certain services on the SITE that will be offered to USERS for a fee.

2.3. SNDECO is the owner of all intellectual property rights concerning the SITE, including its design and content as well as all trademarks registered in the name and published on the SITE. The USER has the obligation to respect all intellectual property rights of SNDECO, according to the law.

3. Using the site

3.1. The USER undertakes to access and use the SITE for purposes and through means that do not represent an abusive use.

4. Limits of responsibility of SIEBENBURGISCHES NUGAT S.R.L

4.1. Responsibility for the content of the SITE. SNDECO is not and cannot be held responsible for the damages created by the errors, inaccuracy or failure to update the information published or maintained on the SITE, which is not due to its fault. USERS can find detailed information in the SNDECO store network.

4.2. If the prices or other details regarding the products / promotions were displayed incorrectly, including due to the fact that they were entered incorrectly in the database, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery of the respective product and to notify the customer by phone / e- mail as soon as possible, about the error, if the product has not been delivered yet.

4.3. The characteristics of the products presented on the SITE are taken over / made available by manufacturers and / or suppliers and SNDECO does not take responsibility for the correctness of this information.

4.4. The prices of the products on this SITE are informative and may be subject to changes without notice. The promotions presented on the SITE are valid within the mentioned time period; if a time period is not mentioned, they are valid within the limits of the available stocks. All products presented on this SITE are available as long as the physical stock is available. In case of stock depletion, the SNDECO representative will offer alternatives by presenting other similar products in terms of appearance and technical specifications to the ordered product whose stock has been depleted.

4.5. Also, the images are presented on the SITE as an example, and the products delivered may differ from the images in any way, due to changes in features, design without prior notice by the manufacturers.

4.6. A pre-ordered product is a product yet to be launched and can be purchased before launch. The manufacturer reserves the right to change the release date and price of the product without notice. Pre-ordered products are added to the cart in the same way as any other product in the online store. By making a pre-order, you make sure that you will receive the product immediately after launch and that you will benefit from a very good price. The pre-ordered products will be delivered on the day of launch or within a maximum of 1-2 working days from the launch, in case the product exists on the SNDECO stock on the day of launch. If the product reaches SNDECO possession after the launch date, the delivery will be made within 1-2 working days from the moment the product enters the SNDECO stock. Pre-orders are paid in the same way as a normal order, through any of the accepted payment methods. In any of the situations (payment on delivery or online payment), it is necessary to wait for confirmation by phone or email from an operator, when the product becomes available. You can cancel a pre-order at any time. If this pre-order has already been paid, you can choose to return the amount or credit your account for another order.

4.7. SNDECO reserves the right to add and modify any information on the SITE.

4.8. Any dispute caused by the products and / or services presented on the SITE will be solved amicably within 15 working days from the date when the USER notifies the problems in writing.

4.9. SNDECO is not responsible for any loss, costs, lawsuits, claims, expenses or other liabilities, if they are directly caused by non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.

5.0. SNDECO is not responsible for the damages caused as a result of the non-functioning of the Site as well as for those resulting from the impossibility to access certain links published on the Site.

5.1. Using the Internet Browser. SNDECO guarantees the optimal use of the Site through the minimum use of Internet Explorer 6.

5.2. We inform you that any complaints regarding the aesthetic deficiencies of the products will be taken into account and will be analyzed only if they are notified within the first 48 hours from the moment of receiving the product.

5.3. The payment methods for completing an online order are: cash on delivery, online with bank card, payment order. If you opt for online payment by bank card, we inform you that the payment registration does not guarantee the confirmation and delivery of the order. If the order is not confirmed (the deadline for processing the order is 48 hours) the amount paid will be refunded to your account as soon as possible.

5.4. The registration of the order does not represent its confirmation. After taking the order, it will be processed by our operators in order to confirm and establish the delivery details. The delivery term is 1-2 working days from the order confirmation.

5.5. During the Easter holidays, winter holidays, on Black Friday, as well as throughout other campaigns of the company, the processing of an order as well as its delivery can take 2-3 working days.

6. Accessing the SNDECO.RO WEBSITE – It implies the acceptance of the USERS that their personal data could be kept and processed by the company SNDECO. The purposes of processing these data are: creating a database for statistical reports, information about promotions or other activities carried out by SNDECO through any means of communication (mail, e-mail, telephone, SMS, etc.). SC SIEBENBURGISCHES NUGAT S.R.L. is the sole holder of the information collected from this site. SC SIEBENBURGISCHES NUGAT S.R.L. declares that the personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties by sale, partial disclosure, or rental.

7. Collecting data - it is done through various ways and specific tools such as: professional traffic tracking software, newsletter management application, by saving in databases the various contact forms available on the site that are filled in by users, through online questionnaires, etc. We use IP addresses to analyze browsing habits, manage the site, track user interests and gather demographic information for internal use. All these aim to increase the user friendliness of the site and publish information as relevant as possible to the interests of users. IP addresses have nothing to do with personal information.

8. Restricted access and (un)subscription - there are areas on the site that require registration (see Registration) or subscription (see newsletter). In the case of the newsletter, each edition / notice also contains the way to unsubscribe; once this option is accessed, the unsubscribing is applied immediately, no further confirmations from users are required. Depending on the type of registration (creation of a site account, newsletter subscription, online credit form application), the user may be asked for data such as: name, surname, email, address, company, etc. These data are used to identify, validate or complete the subscriber's account, to evaluate the data entered in the online credit form.

9. Cookies – The SNDECO.RO site uses cookies, these being data stored on the user's hard drive, containing information about him/ her. The use of the cookie mechanism is an advantage for the benefit of visitors, it allows the storage of site navigation options such as the language in which the site is displayed, the type of filters that are applied to display certain pages, memorization of username and password for quick access to site content. The non-acceptance of a cookie does not mean that the user will be denied access to browse the site, to read its content. With the help of cookies, site owners can monitor and segment users' interests towards certain areas or applications of the site, which later allows them to improve the browsing experience, introduce relevant content for the user, etc. Some of our business partners use cookies on our site, for example, those who advertise. However, we do not have access to or control these cookies. Further information about the cookies policy can be found here.

10. Links - this site contains links to other sites. SC SIEBENBURGISCHES NUGAT S.R.L. is not responsible for their privacy policy. We recommend that you previously consult the legal terms and other information regarding the collection of personal data. The rules set out in this text apply only to the information collected on this particular site.

11. Notifications and actions regarding user information - upon the written request of the user, with proper date and signature, sent to SNDECO, SNDECO undertakes:

a) to confirm to the applicants, whether or not they process personal data; this is done free of charge, once a year;

b) to rectify, update, block, delete or transform into anonymous data, free of charge, all data whose processing does not comply with the provisions of EU Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data ;

c) to stop the processing of the user's personal data, if he/ she requests it.

12. Notification of modifications

If a user's identification information changes (such as a zip code) or if a user wishes to opt out of our services, we will see to correct, update or delete those personal data that have been entrusted to us by the user. This can also be done on the registration page. Any change in the terms of this policy will be communicated to users by email, so that they are permanently informed about the information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we make it public. Users may or may not agree to the use of the information for other purposes. We will use the information in accordance with the policy under which the information was collected.

13. Security

This site adopts all security measures necessary to protect the personal information of our users. When filling in personal data on our site, the information will be protected both offline and online. All personal information will be processed through secure pages that use the SSL encryption system, marked with a padlock symbol, positioned at the bottom of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser window. For more information on the security standards practiced on this site, access the Help section.

By agreeing to this "Privacy Policy", users fully assume any possible risks.




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